Unless otherwise expressly provided for in the order or order confirmation of Enneurre (hereinafter the "Seller"), the sale of products by the latter are governed by these general sale’s conditions (hereinafter the “General conditions”) which supersede any conflicting provision given in documents utilised by the parties or by the buyer (hereinafter the "Buyer") 


1.1 Catalogues and promotional material shall not constitute an offer and may be modified by the Seller at any time without notice. The information on the technical characteristics of the products given in the the Seller's catalogues,price lists, promotional materials and internet website, are indicative and do not bind the Seller 

1.2 Should the Seller be requested to manufacture the products on the basis of technical documentation, specifications and / or drawings provided by the Buyer, the latter acknowledge that the Seller is only the performer of the instructions furnished by the Buyer and that the Seller is not the co-developer of the products together with the buyer.


2.1 A quotation is provided by the Seller in accordance with the Buyer's order. Any change in the price of raw material or in the characteristics of the products during negotiations, will lead to a new revised quotation by the Seller. The validity of each quotation is strictly limited to the period indicated. 

2.2 Any order issued by the Buyer must reference the quotation upon which the order is based. 

2.3 Any requested modification of an order must be put in writing and reach the Seller no later than 5 days following receipt of the initial order 

2.4 Orders shall be deemed accepted and binding only upon receipt by the Buyer of the duly signed order confirmation from the Seller. 

2.5 The Seller shall have the right, even after confirmation of the order, to introduce any modification to the products that it deems necessary or appropriate in accordance with the Buyer 


3.1 Prices are expressed in Euros V.A.T. (or other sales taxes) and duty are excluded 

3.2 Shipping prices are determined by weight and size 

3.3 Unless otherwise agreed in writing, prices are for delivery EX-WORKS Seller’s Offices in Lanzo Torinese (Torino) (Ex Works –Incoterms 2000) and do not include shipping, transport and insurance cost of the products or any other cost after delivery in Lanzo T.se which shall remain for the reseller’s sole account. The products are supplied with standard packaging. Any special packaging is to be quoted separately by the Seller.


4.1 Terms and methods of payment are those indicated in the Seller’s order confirmation, unless subsequently modified by an express declaration of the Seller 

4.2 Irrevocable letter of credit can be arranged for overseas customers 


5.1 If requested by the Buyer, the initially agreed delivery date may be postponed 

5.2 The minimum order value is EUR 150 net. 


6.1 The Seller reserves the right to deliver a minimum of up to 10% more or less of the ordered quantity for special executions. 


7.1 All claims must be stated in writing within 8 days of the date of receipt of goods. 

7.2 Should a defect occur in one of the Seller ‘s cutting tools, due to a material or hardening error,it will be replaced free of charge. Cutting tools which become defective due to normal, excessive use, faulty or careless handling cannot be replaced free of charge