1. If I have a tooling requirement which I cannot find in the catalogue or on the Web-site, can enneUerre help me?
Yes, enneUerre can manufacture a wide variety of specialist tools tailored to meet your requirements. Simply let us know what it is you require and we'll do our best to meet your needs.


2 .How long does Enneurre take to deliver?
Due to the specialist nature of our tools, standard delivery time is 6 weeks from receipt of order. However, in certain circumstances it may be possible to reduce this time.


3. I’m interested in becoming a distributor for Enneurre. What should I do?
We are always looking for motivated distributors partners.If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the possibilities of becoming an authorized enneUerre distributor.


4.What is Enneurre's refund policy?
Unfortunately, specialist tools cannot be refunded due to their unique nature
Returns will not be accepted on faulty tools after more than 6 months.


5.Where is enneUerre located?
We are located in an industrial complex just 20 minutes away from Caselle (Turin) airport.


6.Does enneUerre re-sharpen tools?
Yes, we do. Send us your tools and we will give you a quote the cost of re-sharpening before we begin the work. (Unfortunately, we cannot provide an accurate quote without arefirst physically inspecting the tools).